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van De Anarchokrant

4 juni 2024
new fvga logo

May/June updates from FvGA

We’re back with another short summary of what we’ve been working on during the last months (May and early June).

Forum voor Georganiseerd Anarchisme (FvGA)

4 maart 2024
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Update FvGA, what we were working on last February

Brief summary of what we were working on last month (Feb).

Forum voor Georganiseerd Anarchisme (FvGA)

21 februari 2024
social insertion

[ Workshop | 2Dh.5 | 25 Feb ] Social Insertion: Anarchisten binnen sociale bewegingen

In de workshop zullen we met Fv(G)A eerst wat uitleggen over het concept en de anarchistische stroming (Especifismo) waar het uit komt. Daarna volgt een discussie over de ervaring van mensen binnen sociale bewegingen, of ze een strategie en dit coördineren met andere anarchisten.

Forum voor Georganiseerd Anarchisme (FvGA)

2 februari 2024
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Transition statement FvA becomes FvGA

With the small group that was still active within FvA it was decided to take a different course than the current one. After 3 years of existence we came to certain insights about FvA but also about the current anarchist landscape in the Netherlands.

Forum voor Georganiseerd Anarchisme (FvGA)

9 januari 2024

Documentary screening // Zine release // Benefit for imprisoned Indonesian anarchist Bima Satria Putra

Help imprisoned anarchist writer Bima continue his research.

12 december 2023
Benjamin Zephaniah

Rest in power Benjamin Zephaniah | Waarom ik een anarchist ben

Ter eren van Benjamin Zephaniah hebben wij zijn tekst "Waarom ik een anarchist ben" vertaald. Benjamin stierf vorige week op 7 december 2023 en is 65 jaar geworden. Hij stierf aan de gevolgen van een hersentumor.

Benjamin Zephaniah

10 december 2023

How we organise

More about our group and how we organise. Written collectively.


24 november 2023
Geerd wilders islamisering

The PVV won, what does that mean...

The PVV (Freedom Party) a far right single person party won the Dutch election, who are they and what now? So the Netherlands is known as a progressive country but few of that is more by condition than by nature.


6 november 2023

[CALLOUT] To all forest defenders

🌳🏕🌲 Last year we mobilised for Lützerath. This winter forests all over Europe are threatened again. They are planned to be cleared for highways, big concrete parking lots or gas pipelines. But not with us!

1 november 2023
Fauda logoPalestijn - Isreal

Q&A with Fauda: questions submitted by anarchists & others from around the world

Firstly, regarding your question about the « two-state solution », we will never accept the two-state solution. Imagine someone comes to your home and forcefully robs your home. After he sees that you are resisting and won’t leave your home, he suggests that you share your home between you both. Does this make sense to you?


29 oktober 2023

Silverfish in Rotterdam

We're happy to announce a new anarchist group in Rotterdam called the silverfish!