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anarchokrant // Event18 augustus 2023

Join the demo against Lupi Coffee’s exploitative practises!

Author: Horeca united | GEPLAATST DOOR: De Anarchokrant | Bron:

zon, 27 aug. 23 • 12:00

The Hague – Spuiplein

August 18, 2023

August 27 – 13h – The Hague – Spuiplein

Stand up against exploitation! Getting paid below the minimum wage, forced to work unpaid overtime and even to pay 290 euros out of your own pockets for a ‘training course’. Enough is enough! Together with six brave former employees, the DIY trade union Horeca United has been fighting against Lupi Coffee for weeks. A registered demand letter remained unanswered, so we started drawing attention to this campaign in recent weeks through flyer campaigns and social media. After wrote about the case, written questions in the city councils of The Hague and Leiden followed as well as interviews with newspapers and radio stations.

The owner of Lupi Coffee, Mr. Akef (who made his fortune in the caviar trade) chooses to play dirty. He still refuses to sit down with our union. He even distributed sexist and xenophobic posters about his ex-employee on which he also shared her photo and address. His lawyer, a baron who plays loose with the thruth, threatens with legal consequences if we continue to campaign.

But guess what? This is not the first boss who thinks he can get away with this. He will receive a rude awakening. We are not going to stop until he pays up. To convince this hardheaded ‘’coffee shop of the year’’, we need you!

On Sunday August 27 we are organising a demonstration in The Hague, supported by, Haagse Stadspartij and SP den Haag. We meet at 13:00 at the Spuiplein (next to the city hall, close to the central station) where the barista’s and others will speak about the case before we walk to Lupi Coffee’s branch on the Noordeinde.

Show your solidarity with the exploited barista’s and join us!

We strive to make everyone feel welcome at our demonstrations and to get as many people on to the action as possible. All are welcome, even if you just want to fill out our number and stand in a show of silent solidarity. Do you want to come, but foresee things that might form an obstacle? Email and we will find a solution together

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