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anarchokrant22 juni 2023

Barricade Themes – Anti Repression and Housing Crisis

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At the Barricade we have quarterly themes. Every quarter we pick one struggle, or one initiative that we think deserves some attention and more importantly: some money. During the weekly dinners at ACU we collect donations. As you might know, not all of these donations go towards the kitchen upkeep: In fact 20% of our donations go straight to the Library and events and 50% of our donations are donated to grassroots organisations and movements in line with the quarterly theme. We also often have events that fit with our current theme.

Our last quarterly theme was ‘Anti-Repression’: The past winter has been characterised by a new upsurge in arrests, intimidation, legal procedures and psychological terror against activists both in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. This cannot continue! We decided to give the donations of last quarter to the ‘Antirepressionsgruppe Rheinisches Revier’ (AntiRRR). They have been supporting activists since the beginning and are the backbone of many resistance projects in the Rhineland, such as the infamous Lützerath or Ende Gelände. If you want to also support Antirr, check their website or talk to Barricade volunteers on Sundays. You can also support anti-repression work closer to home, such as Buro Jansen & Janssen.

For the new quarter, our theme is the Evergreen of the Dutch Activist movement: the housing crisis. No matter if legal procedures against shitty landlords, squatting or neighbourhood projects to make the situation a bit better, the Barricade is on your side. If you have ideas for events or organisations/movements to donate to, send us an email, or talk to us on Sundays.

Always remember: Wet of geen wet …

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