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  • 1872: A (monthly) radio program on Radio Tonka. The program airs every four Mondays starting at 23:00 on 92.0 FM.
  • Axie in de Maxi(cosi): This is the other podcast about parenthood with stories about anarchism, anti-racism, and feminism in parenting, about unique living environments, taking action with your kids, not caring about how things should be or being confronted with it. Every month a new episode with stories from activist, anarchist, feminist, anti-capitalist, (former) squatting parents and their kids!
  • Bloed aan de Muur: A podcast with an anarcha-feminist touch. With recommendations, current events, good books, stories, poems, and all those things you don't necessarily want to hear.
  • De Verbranders: A podcast about Europe's borders and resistance against them. We talk to migrants, activists, and scientists about the colonial origins of borders and the inequality that borders produce today.
  • Onderstroom: The podcast is about left-wing movement building, both the ideals, the practice, and the history. We focus on the Dutch context, or its immediate surroundings, and try to speak in plain language as much as possible. The podcast is about political organizing, combating right-wing narratives, and strengthening a rebellious counterforce, a social undercurrent.
  • Hollanditis: Over de turbulente geschiedenis van sociale bewegingen in de polder.