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laatst bij gewerkt: 01/10/23


Zie wiki/antifascisme-nederland voor een overzicht van antifascistische groepen in so called Nederland.




  • 40 Ways to Fight Fascists: Street-Legal Tactics for Community Activists
  • Antifa: The Antifascist Handbook : Mark Bray
  • Fascism Today | What It Is and How to End It : Shane Burley | Burley’s work is an essential 'tool for opposition' that brings to bear years of in-depth research and investigation into the resurgence of the far right. To destroy fascism, we must first understand it—that understanding starts here.
  • Why We Fight | Essays on Fascism, Resistance, and Surviving the Apocalypse : Shane Burley
  • Against the Fascist Creep : Alexander Reid Ross | Fascists are creeps. Time to drag them from the shadows.