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Digital Comrades


laatst bij gewerkt: 11/10/23

A solidarity network for hackers based in the Netherlands

Digital comrades grew out of the online spaces set up by FvA where online anarchist hacker nerds found each other and are now sharing knowledge, resources and working on projects to help out activist and other anarchist groups.

The group is not exclusive to those who identify as anarchist or as a hacker, so please don't let that stop you. If you are curious about technology and politics, we aim to find common ground. People in the network are active in climate and housing struggles, squatting and noborders movement, anti-food waste and antifascist organising.

We aim for inclusive organising and do recognise that hacker communities have been traditionally dominated by men. Please see our house rules for expectations for our online/offline spaces. Everyone that abides by the house rules is welcome.

We are interested in autonomous digital organising: owning and managing our own servers and open source tools that we use, doing skillshares with activist groups, giving e-waste a new life, info sharing on online privacy and security, building websites and doing general tech support.

We self-host a Matrix server for ourselves and our friends. This is our main method of staying in touch and chatting with each other.If any of this sounds interesting to you, please join us!

To join the network, you need to meet one of us offline. You can find us at events or at your local social space, squat or in your activist group. If you can't find us offline, you can reach us at fva[at] If you'd like an account on the Matrix server, please provide us with your desired username.