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Server FQA


Last updated: 11/10/23

Server frequently asked questions

This FAQ is aimed at answering typical questions about the server and online services we have set up. We do not aim to give out a lot of specific details because some information is best kept inside our friend network.

Please note, we are not professional technology workers, we are not paid anything for our work and we do this in our spare time. We are experimenting with the idea of setting up our own autonomous digital infrastructure.

Who is the server hosting provider?

We prefer not to name them in public. However, what we can say:

  • They are explicitly anti-capitalist and their organization is run non-hierarchically.
  • The group is a well established and actively works with Anarchist groups.
  • Their servers are based in several data centers across the world.

How is the server maintained

The server is maintained by our hosting collective and by a group of volunteers inside FvA itself. FvA volunteers are mostly made up of "amateurs" and learning as they go. Anyone inside FvA can help out with this technical work!

What security measures are in place on the server

  • Getting a server with a trustworthy hosting collective is a security measure itself.
  • We have full disk encryption set up.
  • We make use of firewalls, server hardening and security best practices.
  • We have regular weekly off-site backups which are encrypted at rest.

What personal details are stored on the server?

  • Since the services do not require any personal details such as address, phone number or emails, we do not store it.
  • We purge matrix messages every month (like systemli) and IP address logs every day (it is currently not possible to disable it completely...). Local media uploads are also purged every 14 days.
  • Web server & service logs are purged every day.

What happens if the server is seized

We can't give any definite guarantees that this will not happen and we cannot control what the state or police services will be able to legally do. For what we can control, we are hosting with a trustworthy collective and have guidelines in place for the event of a seizure event.

Ideally, you still keep your important private conversations for offline meetings without phones in the room. You can work out with your group what you would like to talk about online and in this way minimize what is stored on the server.

What happens if the server loses power?

Then the server will turn off and all services are not accessible. This can happen and often our hosting collective get in touch to let us know. If we know, we'll let you know. There can be a danger of data loss but most often it is not the case. In our experience, this doesn't last too long.

It is best to have a practice of using back-up tools in your group. So, for example, if you use to chat with each other, also have an emergency Signal group if it goes down.