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House Rules


Last updated: 01/10/23
Thanks in advance for living it up. 🖤❤️ If you have any additions or feedack to the rules please let us know in the General group chat. These are not the final house rules and may be updated or changed by new insights.

* Don't be a jerk (that means: No sexism, transphobia, racism, anti-Semitism, bullying, ableism, fascism)
* The chats are not meant to plan illegal actions and FvA is not an action group, we cannot guarantee 100% security and safety so there is a chance that police or other bad actors are watching the chats. So don't discuss things that could cause the repressive apparatus to be used against you or others. Do not discuss, openly call for, or openly explain how to commit illegal acts.
* No spam and no advertisements. Exceptions may be about products of a fair economic system. But please ask the admins first.
* Don't post pictures, details, references, or anything that might reveal the identity of comrades.
* We advise people not to use their real name and to hide their phone number (also be careful with profile pictures). If people do not do this, we cannot protect them.
* We advise to use a VPN at all times and to have two-step verification enabled on your account.
* Don't be a snitch. Do not take or share screenshots of discussions here, and do not reveal usernames or nicknames. If acts of insurrectionism or illegalism are shared here, don't ask who did it or try to pinpoint the time or location, or facilitate their identification. Protect your comrades, acts of resistance can and should remain anonymous.
* Disengage from unfair discussion models such as dogpiling, strawmanning, tu quoque, whatsaboutism or other nasty crap.
* Use trigger warnings like CW or CT (Content Warning/ Content Trigger). Take into account neurodiversity. Content that is not offensive to you may trigger a lot of emotions in others. See @useCN for more explanation.